How safe is it to upload stuff online

Gone are the times of meeting colleagues or clients to exchange business documents on a USB drive. Instead, you can upload your files to online hosting services and have them downloaded by anyone. Many payment services and file hosting offer secure online storage so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access to confidential business data.

File hosting services

File hosting services covered by the area available for file collection and sharing. By uploading a file to one of these services, you can access it from a computer with internet connectivity. You can also send a link to another application file that may contain another file. However, some file hosting services contain files that they support as public files that any person may require.

Service selection

Ultimately, whether the file uploaded to hosting services is secure depends on the services provided. Anyone can create a file hosting service, but a reputable company offers specific conditions, including privacy and password protection options. For example, Google Drive is connected to a Google Account and you can’t access it without a password. You can also use Dropbox to host files, and then access them from mobile devices or computers. If you want to share files with colleagues or clients by sending them a link, file hosting services such as RapidShare and MediaFire, already available for a long time and various security features.


Never upload copyrighted content to a file sharing site unless you have the right to do so. For example, you might think that you can upload a book that you want to share with employees. However, the purchased book does not give you the right to distribute it to others, so uploading it to a hosting site can have legal consequences, even if you choose a reputable application and you can not have high intentions.


I never upload a file, they should not see others. This is simply common sense when sending information over the internet. If you want to share confidential agreements, for example, use an email address, fax or other personal exchange methods. If you want only some people to be able to create the file, enter the password. For example, if photos with company retreat are available, you can send a message with a link and password. If something is particularly sensitive and you want to use file hosting services to go to sharing, you can go encrypt before uploading.

Author: Gary Cuthbert Meadows